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What I do

I offer personal development coaching to people who want to break through their limits and take more effective actions to become the person they truly want to be.

I provide training and workshops on coaching and self-management to groups who want to gain new perspectives, skills, and tools which they can apply to their challenges.

Both my coaching and training aim to expand one’s way of thinking and self-awareness so that one can improve their: 

(1) Problem-solving skills 

(2) Managing emotions, thoughts, and actions in difficult times 

(3) Effective communication for a healthier relationship

(4) Accountability to create long-term behavioral changes and results 

(5) Resiliency to manage hardship and continue to commit

All conversations with and information of clients are confidential.

What is coaching?

Coaching is designed to help people overcome their challenges and transitions by provoking clients to think in new ways and find alternative solutions.

Coaches, in safe environments, use questions, reframing, feedback, and more to help clients find clarities and answers to achieve their goals. 

Coaches believe clients have their answers and the role of the coach is to create a space for the client's wisdom to emerge. Giving advice is avoided because it detracts from the client's autonomy.  Coaches encourage  clients to take action and build accountability for their sustainable actions and according results. 


The main benefits of coaching include:

My method & niche

My methods to best achieve clients' results are to use and promise the followings:

1.Integrated approach: work with clients holistically. Hence, emotional intelligence, belief, values, visions, and authenticity are all emphasized.

2.Customized coaching: all sessions and approaches are tailored to the client’s needs, learning styles, goals, and environment.

3.Trust and safety: the foundation of my coaching is to cultivate a relationship where clients feel safe, respected, and supported.

Topics which I have coached include but not limited to below.

Goal setting, relationship, emotional management, core values, motivation, and building new habits.

Effective communication, leadership, coaching skill, time management, and motivation.

Emotional management, effective communication, assertiveness, personal core values, and goal setting.


The price depends on the topic, hours, frequencies, and length of the period.   

Please refer below as a general reference.  

50min coaching session, 2 times a month, total 6 sessions (3 months), Zoom

$100~$200 per month 

*Discounts available for students, and non-profits.

Please contact for a quote.

Please contact for a quote.

About me

Keiko Kubota


Personal Info:

I currently live in Silicon Valley with my family and 3 kids but I lived in Japan and UK for an extensive period.  I worked at JPMorgan Tokyo for 11 years as a team manager of multiple sections, a region coordinator, and an Asia project manager.

I am passionate about coaching as it helped me overcome my fears and limitations. Coaching gave me clarities, tools to manage my emotions and problems, and most importantly, a long-term mindset & positive behavioral changes I could not have gained by any other approach.


If you want to create an impactful transformation in you, I would love to help you through that journey. Please contact me anytime.

Free trial & contact 

Free trial (90 min including Q&A) is available upon request.  

Please contact info@mindsetcoaching4u.com